Looking for tech jobs in Austin? Well, here is a rounded up list of top tips from the headhunters Austin TX themselves.

  1. 1.Interact with people at the companies you want

The recruiters find a lot of candidates from Built In and LinkedIn. But they also look for people who engage with brands on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And when you are there, do not limit yourself to recruiters. They are crowded with applicants just trying to build their way into a company via HR. Go for the jobs you want and find the people that work in that team at the company you desire. Marketing and sales team, product managers, designers and developers are reachable and would give you more time in comparison to recruiters. Go for networking events and talk to the employees you have contacted on social media. Do not just simply stalk recruiters.

  1. Your culture matters a lot so try to meet people personally

You may be highly skilled and qualified but if you cannot pass this, you fail to get hired. A lot of headhunters Austin TX throw in queries to know what the candidates are up to outside their work and what are they in their personal life. They also invite applicants to happy hours to know about their other side which is not visible in the interview.

  1. Find out what actually matters to you and why you are looking for this job

A lot of people want to get job in a startup, but what makes you more compelling to look out for a job like this? If you say you want to work at a startup, it is straight no! Because recruiters want you to grow in their role and advance with the firm!

Read the full job description nicely and see what you are going into. And make sure you only interview for the jobs you want to.

  1. Think realistically about compensation

They are known as startups for some reason. Thus, there is a specific amount which you need to be ready to work for a company which has just shifted out of a garage. Remember startups have high risk and reward ratio. Thus, you need to be realistic with your salary and not demand too high which the company cannot even afford in the present scenario.

  1. Do not ever short up without your resume

Always keep a couple of copies of your CV. Managers and interviewers interview a lot of applicants and you can help them by making it easier for them. Do not expect them to learn all your details by heart, even if you have told them before. Thus, you should get some reference copies for them to keep in store and contact you later. It helps in making the interview smoother.

So this is all you have from the headhunters Austin Texas. Just get out there and commence meeting people and start networking. There is a lot more in store for you.