Don’t settle for a rigid employee time tracking system that doesn’t suit the way you work. A time and attendance tracking system adapts to the most complex labor environments and keeps you in control of your workforce. Moreover, it helps in reducing your labor costs by up to 5% or more.It is plain and simple; no environment is too complex for atime and attendance tracking system. With the help of a time and attendance tracking software, managing complex overtime rules, union contracts, multiple pay groups, numerous work site locations and more is made easier than ever.

The time and attendance tracking software is different from other workforce management systems. While they’re built on rigid foundations, but this system is designed to bend. That means it can accommodate all of your pay rule variations. So, there isn’t any need to spend countless dollars on professional services in order tomake the system work for you.

Benefits ofUsingTime and Attendance Tracking Software

Real-Time Visibility

It helps in maintaining control of every site and shift with instant access to labor data. Even when you’re miles away, the time and attendance system gives you full visibility into your workforce. It can help you make proactive and informed business decisions. It would assist you with some business activities such as reporting, budget tracking, scheduling and real-time alerts. Moreover, you can monitor employee overtime, stay on top of labor budgets and get notified of potential client issues and ensure compliance.

Streamlined Payroll

Time and attendance tracking software reduces payroll preparation time, end erroneous pay calculations, limit overtime exposure and much more. It also reduces time rounding over-payments with automated time sheets that seamlessly integrate with our human capital management system. Moreover, the employee self-service capabilities provide the ability to view timesheets and print pay stubs right from the time clock. Thus, it helps in slashing printing and distribution costs in half.

Compliance Risk Protection

It helps in reducing your exposure to false workers claims and wage & hour lawsuits with built-in compliance safeguards. It includes violation flagging, safe workday questions and meal break compliance alerts. A time and attendance tracking software empowers you with historical timekeeping data that can save you a small fortune in fines and legal fees.

A time and attendance tracking software helps to eliminate time rounding buddy punching and manual errors once and for all.The time collection options, including patented biometric time clocks, mobile time. From big rigs to oil rigs or to remote and scattered work sites, the solutions are developed for any conceivable work environment and covering 100% of your workforce.

Telephone Time Tracking Software

It provides you withan effective and easy method for tracking employee time when traditional time clocks aren’t an option. Moreover, it allows employees to clock in and out via any landline or cell phone. Adding more to its benefits, the employees can simply call on the toll-free number and follow the prompts.

The telephone time tracking system is easy to set up like every other aspect of the robust human capital management system.