Running a company these days – in the middle of the most competitive business environment that has ever existed – is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as it was just a few short years ago, let alone a few short decades ago!

You really have to be on the ball as a CEO, making lightning fast decisions about an ever-changing business environment, relying on specific strategies and methodologies to improve your business, improve your relationship with your market, and boost your bottom line all at the same time.

On top of that, today’s modern CEO has to be seen as a more transparent and approachable individual – and the best way to pull that off is through regular blogging.

Now, you may not be looking to add anything extra to your plate which is already pretty much overflowing, but blogging has a number of significant benefits that will add considerably to your bottom line.

You create open lines of communication with your market

Transparency is the name of the game when it comes to business success today, and the more transparent your company is seen as, the more successful it is going to be.

Social media has completely leveled the playing field when it comes to business communication, and we are no longer incomplete in total control over the conversations that our market is having about us or our companies. But by blogging, you are able to create a more open line of communication with the market, increase transparency significantly, and build more credibility when you make smart decisions and ones that (in retrospect) may not have been the wisest.

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Your employees will get to know you better, too

It is absolutely impossible to create and foster real and significant relationships with every single one of your employees when you are a CEO of a significant sized company, but that doesn’t mean that you should do everything you can to make sure that your employees really know who you are, what you are all about, and the values that you want to build the company based off of.

Blogging – personally blogging – gives your employees a better look into the man or woman that you are, while also providing them with an opportunity to better get to know you and the goals that you have established for the company. It’s a great way to foster relationships that probably wouldn’t have been built otherwise.

You will be able to position yourself as a market leader

When you take the reins and begin communicating directly from the top, and especially when you start to be recognized as someone of influence in your market, it isn’t all that difficult to really pile on the influence and the persuasive abilities through blogging as a CEO.

You’ll be able to share where you think your business is right now and where you want it to go in the future, but you’ll also be able to share where you think the markets and the world is right now and where you want to go in the future as well.

Bill Gates any number of other incredibly significant powerful CEOs regularly blog for this reason in specific, and there may not be a better way to share your message and build influence (which will definitely help to market and network, to) than blogging for business.

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