The office is a place of productivity and there is great need for comfort to promote efficiency and maximum output. One of the key necessities for a standard office is a comfortable chair which helps to uphold an upright posture. However, it was sadly reported in 2015 that in the UK, more than 23 million working days were lost due to ill-health that are connected to office, while over half a million of these cases were attributed to musculoskeletal disorders. A poorly designed chair can lead to lack of focus on work done and cripple effective productivity whereas a goof ergonomic office chair helps to improve your body posture. Some factors to critically consider when choosing the best office chairs include:

#1: Environment

Consider the office floor type. The wheel of the chair must be easy to control to avoid an uncontrollable movement across the office. The adjustable pole of the stem must be easy to handle for easy adjustment to meet up with the appropriate height needed to balance comfortably on the working surface.

#2: Ease of Movement

An office chair that allows easy movement should be considered especially for jobs that keep you seated for long hours. For good health, regular breaks involving standing once in a while, going out to speaking with coworkers and using the stairs are all beneficial to promote your activeness and posture.

#3: Appearance

The look of an office chair can be deceptive. It may appear beautiful with attractive colors but its strength and durability is paramount. Some are feeble and cannot withstand pressure and much weight especially from an oversized person. You can get help from experts when making a choice so as to avoid an office chair that would in no time leave you with an injury.

#4: Cost

Although cheaper office chairs with attractive looks are available, it is rather wise to consider the quality and lasting potential of the chair irrespective of the cost. Purchase chairs with longer warranties, more adjustability and higher weight capacity.

#5: Adjustments

Make a choice of office chair with good adjustable seat depth and adequate lumbar support. When seating or leaning back, the angle of the seat and the back must be equally proportional- more like a rock chair. The adjustments of a good ergonomic office chair must be of wide range to allow modification to fit the users’ anatomy. This one of the reasons many people have preferred Office supplies at more than any others.