Whether you place your business with a mortgage company in Clarksville, you will spend most of your time with the loan officer. It helps the process if your communication with them goes smoothly. Some helpful tips will get you in your dream home with less holdups along the way.

Be cooperative

If a loan officer is asking for information, it’s not just to give you a hard time. Remember, loan officers are salespeople. Most of them work upfront and earn a commission at closing. That means they will do everything they can to have a seamless lending process.  Do your part by keeping communication open.  Answer the phone, return calls and give them the information they request to get the loan approved.

Be patient

Loan officers work on many things behind the scenes you don’t know about. They work on several loans at once. Plus getting all the necessary information for your file may take several phone calls to others. Don’t delay the process by calling to follow up several times a day. The mortgage lender wants the loan to close and will be calling you to get it done.

Foster trust with your loan officer

Choosing a mortgage company means placing your trust. You are trusting that they make sound decisions in selecting their staff. When you work with their loan officer, you have to trust that they have your best interests at heart. You trust them with your financial information and sensitive data about you. They also have to trust that you will communicate any pertinent information in a timely manner.

Everyone involved in your home purchase has the same end goal. To place you in your dream home as soon as possible. When you know how to communicate with your loan officer, everyone wins.