Do you think your system is all safe and secure while you read this on a device? If the answer is yes then you are too complacent when it comes to being vigilant and looking after your data. Not only is this complacency going to cost you dearly but also give voyeurs and third parties to find hacking vulnerabilities in your system while you remain oblivious to the obvious threat.

How does complacency make defense difficult?

1) One doesn’t understand the need for it

At times one feels that their organization is too small or unimportant for people to hack into their system and gain access. Well, this is where you are wrong. Even if the company data wouldn’t be of use there are high chances that your banking details might be compromised. These hacking vulnerabilities can cost you dearly.

2) Not investing in cyber-insurance and end-to-end security

People do things the halfway thinking that it’ll be sufficient enough. In many organizations, there isn’t even a department or at least a team to look after cybersecurity vulnerabilities and more. Just having a firewall and access limitation or multi-authentication channels aren’t going to help you out. What if you have a breach in a section or segment that is unprotected? For instance, your DVR or your security camera? Didn’t think so far, did you?

3) Outsourcing critical work and not looking into their cybersecurity measures

In larger organizations, it so happens that there are different departments to look after different aspects of the business and at times the work is also being outsourced for reasons of their own. This means that crucial data is being sent back and forth without any specific security means? People do not even realize that data sent over the internet is vulnerable to hacks at the best.

Discussing about data security and cyber safety should be the means by which one should be looking forward when doing business with someone. It is not only your data but your client’s and customer’s data too that is being compromised and who knows what will happen if it gets in the wrong hands?

Being unworried and smug about cybersecurity will take one nowhere. What one must do is stay updated with recent developments, keep up with the times and remain vigilant when it comes to these matters. Your security is in your hands.