It is not always easy to switch off when your mind is focused on business and you are coping with a hectic schedule of meetings, but it is always a good idea to try and find some moments to unwind on your business trip and keep those stress levels down.

Here are some tips on how to take a timeout, including a suggested break from technology, how to take yourself away from work, plus a proven strategy for heading stress off at the pass.

Switch it off

The sort of tech we carry around with us these days are fantastic for communication and staying in touch and on top of everything you need to do, however, the major issue is that you are virtually contactable and in touch 24/7.

If you really want to successfully unwind for even a brief period you will have to commit to turning your devices off and let the voicemails and emails go unanswered while you relax and think about something else for a short while.

Turning the tech off completely is something that many of us find hard to do. If you can’t switch your devices off the next best compromise is to be disciplined enough to limit the number of times you check for messages and emails.

Make use of the amenities

Far too often as a business traveler you will check into somewhere like a Marriott African Pride Hotel and not take full advantage of what places like this have to offer to help you unwind.

A good way of relaxing is to make full use of the hotel amenities and go for a swim or head to the gym for a workout, which can also be a great way of switching off when you focus on something other than work.

If you make time for a swim or a massage, or whatever amenities your hotel has to offer, it will be a win-win as you are getting your money’s worth and making the most of a much-needed opportunity to relax.

Focus on the positives

It is almost inevitable that something on your trip might not go to plan and even a small issue can get you stressed if you let it.

A good way of keeping your mind in a good place and to make it easier to down tools and relax when you get the chance is to focus on the positives.

There are a few easy mindfulness techniques you can learn to use and these will help you accept that things can and do wrong on a business trip or anywhere for that matter. If you can learn to stay calm and keep the stress to a minimum it will be much easier to switch off and avoid the scenario of running through an incident in your mind and letting it get to you

Accept that not all trips are perfect and find some ways to deal with it and unwind that include giving yourself enough sleep so that you are mentally and physically ready for what the day has in store for you.