There are dime-a-dozen shops that are offering you coffee mug printing services. Even the photo studio around the corner can print your coffee mug. But is it worth it?  If you desire dignity and distinction for your branding through coffee mug printing seek the help of an expert print specialist with an in-house design studio.

So you heed this advice and engage an expert to design and print your coffee mug.  what next? Here are some tips to get the best of coffee mug printing.

Tip#1 – Make your mug unique

Remember, your coffee mug is not going to be just another mundane mug. Make it unique and distinctive by visualizing creative designs. Get your print specialist to suggest some design ideas and choose the best among them to make a mark with your mug.

Tip#2 – Branding your mug

If your mug is going to be a part of your corporate promotion, make sure you get the branding right. Use the same typeface, logo and brand tagline on the mug. Everything printed on the mug should be in-line with your corporate brand identity. This is where professional print specialists make their own appearance.  A qualified print specialist will know the importance of brand equity and will reproduce your brand messaging to the finest detail. An amateur photo-studio may not do this efficiently and this will collapse your brand image.

So take care to ensure that you entrust your coffee mug printing in the right hands.

Tip#3 –  Bigger, the better

Choose a big size for your coffee mug printing.  Big size mugs are generally preferred by users as they rest cosily in their hands and do not spill the beverage. With big mugs, you can stir the sugar without spilling. People who wish to savour the taste of coffee sip- by- sip, would definitely prefer big mugs.

Tip#4- Top quality

Most people make the mistake of choosing mugs of inferior quality for personalized or corporate gifting. This is the worst mistake one could commit. If you buy a mug of inferior quality, it will be here today and gone tomorrow. Poor quality mugs crack, chip and crumble or their printed design fades. But not the ones form professional print specialists.

If you want your mug to be a memento with lasting value, get mugs of the best quality material.  Professional print specialists always use top-quality ceramic or porcelain for coffee mug printing.

Tip #5- Use few colours

Let your mug not be a riot of colours. A white or black mug with your branding logo or your creative design stands out best among the rest. Let your design stand out boldly against the blank background to give the best effect to your branding or gifting.

Tip #6- Dishwasher safe

While getting your coffee mug printing done, choose a mug of a material that is dishwasher safe. Go for plain mugs which can be run into the dishwasher. Mugs with gold embossing cannot be used in dishwashers.  Nor can mugs of fancy shapes with attached figures. Choose an ordinary mug that is dishwasher – safe and give it for printing.

Tip#7- Box your mugs in attractive paper gift boxes

Packaging is part of the pleasing appeal that a gift can give. Give away your custom-printed coffee mug wrapped in attractive paper gift boxes that are branded outside with your credentials.

Even for corporate gifting, the mug packed in a branded gift box works well as it will lend a more professional air and add an element of excitement to know what is inside.

Tip #8-Make your mug sought-after

If you plan to include a custom printed coffee mug as part of your company’s promotions, making it a sought-after item. Create a hype around the mug and make it extra special. Evolve a promotional campaign around this branded coffee mug before you transform it into a promotional gift or corporate giveaway.

Tip#9-  Create an occasion for gifting

Be it corporate or personal, gifting has to come with an occasion to make it memorable and this is more so for your custom-printed coffee mug. Gift your coffee mug only on special occasions to give them memorable value.

Coffee mug printing is an best promotional product. It art is perfected by professional print specialists. Experience it.