Learning a whole new language, apart from your mother tongue, is probably the most rewarding and enriching skill that one can achieve over his/her lifetime. It gives you confidence and showcases your intellect and personality. You get to make more friends and broaden your network. Moreover, learning new languages can widen your exposure to the rest of the globe and open doors for a better career abroad.

That being said, here are some tips and tricks that can help you to learn an entirely new language within record time:

Keep practicing it in the mind

Challenge yourself for thinking in your target language. We all have some random thoughts running in the mind now and then, and generally, these thoughts are in our mother tongue or native language. You can continue constructing and practicing sentences and try to fake conversations within your mind in the new language you are trying to learn. Moreover, these visualizations can give rise to simpler conversations at the time you would have them.

Find a good language partner

You should never shy away from asking someone for help. Asking for support is an act you must take pride for. It showcases that you are dedicated to what you are learning and would possibly do whatever is required for becoming an expert in your target language. That being said, possessing the assistance of your partner would immensely help you in accelerating your learning process.

Irrespective of which phase you are in learning the target language, you can find a like-minded individual. Schedule the timing for meeting up regularly and sharing your progress and feedbacks. You can also consider exchanging tips or resources that have proved to be beneficial for you.

Stop aiming at accuracy; target fluency

Trying to be fluent rather than being accurate is one of the most effective methods for learning your target language at an increased pace.

Fluency is the capability of expressing yourself articulately and easily. It implies using a language seamlessly in your real life. Accuracy is mainly the capability of being precise and correct. It implies speaking without any vocabulary, grammatical, and tonal errors.

These two terms are very distinctive. You can achieve fluency in your language without being 100 percent accurate. Alternatively, you can also be very accurate in your language without being fluent. That being said, your ultimate objective should be to achieve fluency rather than accuracy.

Learn from the mistakes you make    

Never be afraid to make mistakes. Take pride in making errors as they simply show that you are trying to do something new. So, make mistakes, celebrate them, and learn from them.

Learning an entirely new language can seem to be very difficult initially, but as you proceed with it, you will feel that your efforts are worth it. With the above-mentioned tips and tricks for learning a new language, you can become an expert in your target language in no time.