Parks can be essentially classified as those recreational places in this modern contemporary world where people connect with nature as well as other communities and people. Though boundaries limit the parks, they offer limitless joy and happiness to people as they contribute to social well being and physical, mental and spiritual health. Even a small, inexpensive park can provide great scopes for recreation and exercises. You can enjoy the aura of nature in the confined natural spaces with your family, or you can simply just discover your inner-self while meditating in the park.

Why are parks important?

Parks can advance health equity and can help children to flourish. Fewer people know that parks can also be classified as a powerful prescription to combat the disease. You can’t go to a huge natural escape every time you find that the hustle and bustle of the city is suffocating you. This is when parks can save your back and helps you to opt for an escape in a natural surrounding. In the concrete desert of cities, parks are like an oasis that offers a soothing effect to the local elites or any visitor.

Making parks better

But nowadays people have started to think that parks are overrated and so they have forgotten the importance of parks. Even if they know how important the parks are for an escape they don’t just try to reconnect. Here are some tips that can help parks to drag more visitors. Have a look!

  • Keep the park premises clean. Most people have a fear of public places as they won’t be hygienic and can cause them allergies and diseases. Keeping the park surroundings clean can clear this fear out of people’s minds.
  • Walking paths and loops should be well maintained, and the place should be accessible to handicapped people who are in their wheelchairs.
  • Parks need to have more supervises activities, and if possible there should be specific classes or courses happening in the natural surrounding like Yoga and meditation.
  • There should be small and playful animals like bunnies, squirrels or hamsters that should be left open in the park. This would provide a more realistic natural environment rather than making you feel like a mirage in the desert of the city.
  • Apart from that, there should be multi-generation activities so that people of every generation can find their trail to parks rather than spending on pubs and nightclubs while they get wasted. There should be specific programs that promote social and natural well being.
  • Apart from that, you can also maximize proximity to hiking the number of visitors to your park because proximity is large concerning factor for the enabled like the elderly people or the handicapped ones.

A park has to have a lot of bewildering diverse features. You just can’t put a swing on the grass and call us as a park. Apart from the greenery and features maintenance is also crucial. So don’t make a park and forget it! If you belong to the group of park authorities, make sure that you maintain it right while adding some features every time.