In case, you have been thinking of buying a car in Canada, you should be rest assured that it would be highly unaffordable. This has been the major reason why people look forward to importing cars to Canada. A majority of people would purchase a car from United States. It is not too far from Canada. Moreover, the shipping expenses have been relatively less. It would be a good option for people to save significant amount in affording a car in Canada.

How to import car to Canada

The most important question would be how to import a car to Canada. The foremost thing to remember would be to check it with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles and ensure the car is allowed to import in the nation. There have been certain cars that the Canadian government deem illegal to import. Not all cars are approved for import. Therefore, you should ensure that your desired model prior to making the actual purchase.

How much excise tax to pay

You would be required to check with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles or RIV about the amount to be paid as excise tax by you. This tax is levied on you for importing car to Canada. You could do this by getting the emissions of your car checked. You would need to find whether the car includes any safety recalls. It would be highly advisable that you should check the history of your car. It should be inclusive of inspection so that you should know everything you should know about the car.

Hiring a customs broker

You would be required to hire a customs broker when looking forward to importing cars to Canada. It would be important when you are getting your car shipped to Canada. The customs brokers would handle the necessary paperwork in the best manner possible. However, you should have the files with you as well. You would be required to forward a copy to United States border crossing three days prior to the arrival of the shipment.

Insurance for your car

Once you import cars to Canada, you would be required to get it insured. It would protect you in event of the car suffering any kind of damages during the trip. You should compare the VIN to that of the dealer. A match would help you claim the vehicle in an easy manner.

Hiring professional services

You can import a car to Canada with Clearit. These professional services would help you import a car for a reasonable amount. They would provide you smooth and hassle free car importing process.