The export documentation process can be a long drawn out, complicated process for most transactions. In spite of the export industry being a very systematic and meticulously planned one, the amount of regulations and paperwork required to get things done can become stressful at times. Whether you are an exporter, service provider, forwarder, or any other professional involved in the export-import cycle in UK, the fact is that the complexities of global trade regulations and compliances can get mindboggling at times. If most of your time is spent in battling through paperwork, you are not able to spend enough time and resources on the crucial core matters of your business.

The way out of this maze is through a professional export documentation service like which ATA Carnet provide that helps streamline all documents in one place, such as the certified declaration of origin, among many others. A cloud-based solution offers greater flexibility and convenience, enabling exporters to download the documents they need no matter where in the world they may be, print them out, fill them up, and email them to the required authorities so that there is no delay in the timing of shipments and other important consignments.

The advantages of this cloud-based documentation software are many. It enables exporters to download and print out even the complete set of documents required for any shipment. With different shipments requiring different documents, it can sometimes be difficult to remember which one is needed where. If even one document is missed or misplaced, there could be significant delays and even cancellations of the shipment. This would result in the loss of thousands and millions of dollars, not to mention the waste of time, effort, and other resources involved. By using this software, exporters will find it easier to remember which documents are necessary, as the complete set will be made available online.

Another important feature of such software would be to obtain the EDN (Export Declaration Number) directly from the UK Customs Department, which not only saves money but also saves on crucial time. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain export permits and electronic health and phytosanitary certificates from the Department of Agriculture, if the consignment is related to agriculture. This can take a lot of time if it is done the conventional way. But with the use of the cloud-based export documentation software, this time is saved as exporters can get these certificates directly from the Department of Agriculture. In the same way, certain certificates for export are required from different cargo terminals and ports, which earlier would have to be obtained directly, but today can be easily accessed through the online portal. There could also be certificates required from the UK Chambers of Commerce which need to be stamped. Running after all of these certificates from different departments definitely are an investment of time and resources, which can be better spent on developing the business directly.

About ATA Carnet

The assurance is automated and the traditions need not examine its credibility for each Carnet. Moreover, the program does not impact the income of the United States since the products protected by the ATA Carnets are designed for re-exportation and not at all on the market in the nation of short-term entrance. The system is “self-policing” in that should the Carnet proprietor don’t be successful to re-export the items within the time interval of reliability of the Carnet, obligations becomes due.