There is nothing important than a life. No work or anything should be more important than it. After all, each of us has only one life to live. Yes, we will still all go back to dust in the end, but it would be good if old age would be the reason for that and not a tragic accidents, or fall from heights.  

In typical construction companies, especially those who are usually dealing with skyscrapers or tall buildings, risks are already part of their routine. The workers are constantly at risks and in fact, there are lot of reported incidents about falling from the building where they work on and ending up dead on the ground.

Being the owner of such companies, it is your major responsibility to ensure that they are working on a safer ground. Yes, you cannot discount the fact that they will be put in a dangerous situation while working; safety measures should always be prepared.

One of the most effective ways to ensure their safety is to have them trained by a company who train such workers with all safety equipment that how to work in risky situations, is one of my favourite institutions for such work. This company has been successfully delivering their service for last 25 years and since then they have made a lot of construction grounds safer for workers to earn a living with.

One of the best things about this company is they have a lot of training services to offer thus their clients won’t need to deal with more than one company if they want their employees to be trained to all of them.

Their training programs:

  • Fall protection level 1 and 2

  • Tower rescue

  • Wind turbine rescue

  • Introduction to enclosed spaces

  • Rescue enclosed spaces

  • Bridge rescue

  • Wood pool rescue

  • Self-evacuation and rescue

  • Rope access/sprat

  • Lift basket evacuation

  • Crane evacuation

  • Industrial rescue

  • Inspection of personal equipment

So you see, all of the training programs mentioned above are available with this company. Just make one call with them and ask for your training you are looking for your workers. And because they have been doing this for more than 2 decades already, you can be assured that they will do their best to inject all the needed information to your people.