It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run in Canada, you’ll share at least one thing in common with every other company all over the world: you collect personal information. Retail stores at the Eaton Centre collect customer emails, B2B startups on Lawrence store client financial information, and online shops gather contact and billing information. Regardless of why you need this data, you have to protect it when it’s time to clear out this information. Simply throwing out these files isn’t enough, as dumpster divers can find confidential material by rifling through bins. You need the help of a professional shredding company Toronto businesses can rely on.

You may be surprised by how little information is needed by a dumpster diver. According to Spam Laws, an online authority on identity security, thieves don’t even need a current credit card bill to do some damage. A simple marketing letter saying you’re approved for a new credit card could be used against you. That’s because they don’t need a current account number in order to fabricate an identity. There’s often other important information on these letters that can be used to open fraudulent accounts.

While leaving your personal banking in a garbage bin without first shredding these documents can cripple your finances, it poses an entirely different set of problems for businesses. Any business that collects contact or financial information of its customers is legally accountable for this data. If a business is found to have disposed of any paper or electronic documents holding this info without first destroying it properly, it can face serious consequences, including fines and reputational distress.

With the latest amendments to privacy laws tough on businesses, shredding is imperative, that much is obvious. But why is it important to use professional document shredding services when there are regular shredders available? While document-destroying technology has improved, it still often doesn’t destroy the documents as thoroughly as it should.

In fact, did you know that at one time the US Consulate in Iran had very sensitive government information stolen in the 1979 raid. They had office shredders that only cut the documents in long strips and the Iranian rebels put them back together? While you may not be carrying government top-secret information, any information can still be recovered in a variety of ways.

Unless you hire an on site shredding service like Absolute Destruction to help you dispose of your excess files. The beauty of on site shredding is that these services will come to you, and their fully bonded employees will shred under your supervision. Best of all, these employees are trained to shred things correctly, using internationally approved equipment so as to make it impossible to retrieve any important information from the shreds.

You’ll need to determine how often their team needs to visit and whether or not to include electronic data destruction. Head to to see which service aligns with your needs, and don’t hesitate to call to speak with a representative should you need help.

There’s no reason to leave your business’ documents unprotected. Hire a professional shredding company Toronto businesses rely on and make sure all traces are erased. It’s the only way to stay within the law and keep your business’ reputation safe — just like your clients’ identities.