Reptile Vivariums are the most basic component of any reptile housing one may set up. Since the vivariums are where your reptile will spend most of its life, it is very important to make sure you purchase a high-quality housing unit (vivarium) for your pet. Fortunately for you, I have had the experience buying and trying out most of the brands and types of vivariums sold in both America and the UK, so I can easily explain to you which reptile housing units have the highest-quality for the lowest-price that you can buy painlessly on the Internet.

Different Types of Vivariums

If you would like to house a small reptile in an enclosure for the minimal cost to you, buying a plastic vivarium is a fantastic idea…if the reptile won’t outgrow the cage itself and is still comfortable within it if the reptile does grow larger.

1- Glass vivariums are perfect for animals living in habitats filled with water, such as turtles or fish. This type of enclosure always has either a removable wire mesh top or a ventilation hood to provide just that – ventilation. The ventilation hood may also include a light/heating unit that is necessary to monitor (a very easy task) in order to be certain that your reptiles/animals do not overheat. Since glass vivariums are see-through, it is important to provide a small shelter within the vivarium where the reptile can go to hide or to escape to in times of feeling stressed from seeing something moving outside of the cage that may scare them.

2- Wire reptile vivariums can be bought to house reptiles such as chameleons or bearded dragons. Since the wire mesh is not the best type of insulation, it can be difficult to maintain a certain temperature necessary to simulate the reptile’s habitat. One very-high quality cage I have personally bought and tested can be found here: Vivariums UK.

3- The most popular type of lizard enclosure is the wooden vivarium. The reputation is generally due to the simple fact that since lizards are agoraphobic, or fear of a difficult escape from an enclosure, the visible walls of a wooden vivarium will stop your lizard from going into them like lizards in glass vivariums generally do. Because of this and since wood is part of their natural habitat, most reptiles in wooden vivariums feel more comfortable and relaxed.

4- Wooden reptiles vivariums are also very good insulators as compared to a wire mesh or glass cage. More protected housing indicates lower electricity bill since the wooden vivarium’s heater works much fewer to keep the cage heated for your reptile. Need I say more?

5- Usually, a melamine vivarium has a glass front with three side walls and a bottom made of melamine. This type is very innovative because it provides the insulation of a wooden vivarium and the ability to see your pet as with a glass vivarium, all the while still providing the reptile with its own privacy. Melamine vivariums are excellent at combating water and dissipating heat.

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