First of all, what is a sawmill? This is a facility where logs are cut into dimensional pieces. Unlike before where the process is quite painstaking and time-consuming, the sawmill enables mass production. Thus for those who have logging businesses, the advent of sawmills is quite timely for them.

There are now many providers of a sawmill as well as its accessories and SELECT Sawmill is one of them. This company is operating in Canada and the following are their products:

Band Sawmills – double cut

This has the ability to cut large logs and perfect for those who are in this kind of business. It is equipped with impressive cutting speed like about 3ft per second. It has a high-efficiency hydraulic system as well as computerized networks.

Rosserhead style – debarker

  • 12-inch debarking head equipped with carbide teeth as well as built-in depth control
  • 20 hp electric motor for debarking head and 15 hp for hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic system with 16 GPM 
  • Four unloading arms
  • Two log placement rollers to forward or reverse log
  • Foot controlled carriage movement allows hands to be free for hydraulic controls

Board Edger

  • Hydraulics and computerized setworks
  • They come in Electric powered units only
  • With 30 hp electric

Live Decks and conveyors

  • With 12 or 24 ft decks are hydraulically operated from the sawmill sawyer’s panel
  • 2 or 3-chain decks available
  • For use with SELECT sawmill models or debarker
  • For log sizes down to 6’3” (1.92m) in length

Bandsaw sharpening equipment

This equipment features:

  • Two 1/2 hp motors – 220 volts 50/60 Hz + magnetic start
  • Multi-adjustable grinding wheel head
  • Automated blade feed with carbide tip pushers
  • Double-cut blade attachment
  • Machine table
  • Blade support stand

Why should you choose to do business with Select Sawmill? Because this company has only one primary goal in mind and that is to provide solutions to those businesses that are still starting or just mid-sized ones in accomplishing their bottom lines in profitable and affordable manner.

When it comes to experience, you can’t find faults in Select Sawmill as they are already in this industry since the year 1997. They do not just do business in Canada but also in other countries like USA, Mexico, and Australia. At the same time, they also ship to Africa, Europe, Asia and South America.