Whether you would like to be an importer of some certain goods and you have crafted out a well feasible plan for your operations or you want to gain entrance into the U.S through the borders but you are new to the whole importation process and would like to learn the ropes, you’re at the right place.

The clearance process could be cumbersome and frustrating. Before going into it, it’s advisable you know the requirements to gain clearance into the country because that is what is making lots of newbies fail out in the journey. Below are few steps to take to get started.

Get Your Documents Right

This, especially if you’re not a citizen, i.e., A Canadian or U.S citizen, then you are going to have to fill out a 1-94 form which would be issued by the US Customs Border Protection (CBP) officer. Note, this form is for non-citizens only as a citizen you automatically skip this step.

However, all passengers, foreign or citizens, will fill a customs declaration form so be sure you have the required documents on board with you before entering the customs and immigration building.

Submit Documents

Once you’ve entered the facilities, you are going to have to submit your documents, that is, your passports along with the immigration or customs forms to the officer.

The officer will inspect your passport for validity along with the other documents and forms to see if they are correctly filled. They’ll retain the 1-94 forms, scan it, validate it and return the customs forms along with your passport.

Clear your Baggage

Baggage claim is the next step once your documents have been cleared. At this point, you will claim your baggage which has already been checked by the inspection officers.  As the luggage move past you, you check for the carousel tagged with your flight number and wait.

Get to Customs

This is if you have items to declare i.e. foods, stationaries etc. but if you don’t have any item you can proceed to the area marked for no declarations.

If you have goods with you, you will get to the lane meant for those with items for declarations. At this point, the CBD officers would inspect your item for authenticity purpose as well as its admissibility status. Then you’ll proceed to the payment of customs duty and probably IRS taxes.

With this information, clearing yourself and your goods shouldn’t be so difficult now. You could also clear with clearitusa.com online as they offer a faster and easier clearance process.