Mobile shredding is where companies can come to your business and shred your personal and sensitive information. This onsite shredding has many advantages over the normal method of disposing of information and here we list seven reasons as to why you should consider mobile shredding for your business.

Saves investing in shredding machines

The most obvious benefit to mobile shredding is the fact that your business does not have to invest in expensive professional shredders. With the waste also taken care of by the onsite shredding company, your employees do not have to spend time dealing with the shredded waste either.

Better for the environment

Shredded waste is easily handled and recycled. It can be bundled into large bags before being taken to recycling depots. This saves landfill space and reduces the number of trees that need to be felled for continued paper production.

Reduces fire hazard

Large amounts of paper in storage create a serious for hazard for a business. Onsite shredding provides a service of effectively dealing with this hazard and increasing health and safety for your employees.

Complies with the law

The United Kingdom’s updated Data Protection Act comes with stricter regulations surrounding the handling of personal and sensitive information that is in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Shredding onsite nullifies some of the potential issues with transporting sensitive information and also effectively erases any sensitive information you may have.

Saves time and space

Disposing of hard copies of sensitive information can be time consuming and will slow down the running of any business. It also leaves large amounts of documentation in storage, waiting to be disposed of. Mobile shredding saves time and space by comprehensively dealing with confidential information in a timely manner.

Protects your business

All business information can be used by competitors to create a competitive advantage. Such corporate espionage must be avoided at all costs and shredding onsite can dramatically reduce the possibility of it occurring. All business documentation such as meeting minutes can be disposed of without finding its way into the hands of a competitor.

Protects your employees and customers

Your employees are the crucial factor in the running of your business and they should be treated with respect. Sensitive information about your employees should be handled appropriately and disposed of as soon as possible. This can help prevent crimes such as identify theft from plaguing your workforce. In a similar vein, mishandling customer information can cause you to lose respect and your reputation within your clientele. This can have a drastic impact on your business and needs to be avoided. Mobile shredding can achieve this by making sure that no information is accessed by unauthorised personnel.

Mobile shredding is an effective way of disposing of your business’ sensitive and personal information. It can help save your business time and money, whilst protecting your clients and employees.