On average, a person probably only moves addresses maybe half a dozen times in their lifetime.  The first big move, for example, is typically out of the parent’s house. For some this move will be into a dormitory; for others it might the first apartment.  The next big move, then, might be the first shared domicile with a significant other.  That might be followed by a starter home and then family home and then, perhaps, an empty nest home. Still yet, others might move because of a job offer or other opportunity.

But no matter the reason you might be moving, everyone who plans a move shares all the same needs and concerns.  The physical aspect of moving is always the same for everyone, give or take distance and means.  

And, with that in mind, here are a few ASAP Moving tips to remember for your next big relocation.

TIP #1:  It Is Never Too Early to Get Started

And by that I mean, think ahead.  As soon as you know that you are going to move, start packing: not everything, but all the things that you do not immediately need or regularly use. You might even put some things in storage.  Also, this is the time to start researching moving companies, amassing moving boxes, and looking into other details about your new city.  

TIP #2:  Pack an Overnight Bag

As you start to pack up your clothing—particularly your daily use stuff—remember to pack an overnight bag.  Moving is tiring.  It is long and stressful. You do not want to have to do laundry or hunt down comfortable clothes or dig around for work clothes after a day or two of moving.  Just pack a simple, overnight bag—like you were traveling for a couple days—and you will have very little stress in the transition.

TIP #3:  Use A Clear Plastic Bin

Ok. It might not be necessary for every little thing, but pack your most immediate needs in some kind of clear container so it is easily distinguishable from everything else. Yes, you will have properly labeled all of your boxes, but do you really want to search through stacks of boxes that all look the same just to find eating utensils and toiletries?  Pack these things in a clear plastic bin so that you can easily find things that will make the move a whole lot better.