Marketing continues to become more accessible thanks to the advent of online marketing. A large number of companies have shifted to online marketing to take advantage of search engine optimization, social media, video marketing, and other outlets that have changed the game.

However, there is one marketing strategy method that many people are ignoring in favor of the internet: direct mail marketing. Many view direct mail as an outdated practice that can’t get them the results they want, but the truth is that direct mail is potentially invaluable if approached the right way.

Here are some of the benefits of using direct mail as part of your marketing campaigns.

Your Business Will Stand Out

One of the downsides of online marketing is the lack of something physical to hold and examine. Direct mail offers prospects and customers the chance to physically interact with your brand, unlike emails.

Your company will be more memorable with an appealing direct mail advertisement piece that stands out from the distant emails sitting unread in someone’s inbox.

Lack of Sophisticated Analytics

It’s easy to determine if someone has taken action with a direct mail piece. Simply measure the phone calls or coupons you receive during your campaign, which can help you figure out if you’re sending these pieces to the right audience.

Improved Targeting

When sending out direct mail pieces, you can ensure they’re highly targeted. Simply knowing where your audience lives can give you insight to other aspects of their lives such as income and interests. Make sure you do all of the homework necessary, as there’s no such thing as having too much information.

No Cold Calling

Cold calling is not only painful to do in many cases, but it’s also outdated. You’re likely to receive many “no”s before you ever encounter a “yes.” However, direct mail allows you to feel more inclined to follow up with a call that’s simply inquiring about the mail piece they received.

People Actually Open Direct Mail

A lot of people who receive a massive amount of spammy emails never even bother to open them, particularly if all they see is a salesy subject line.

Direct mail, on the other hand, goes right in the prospect’s mailbox where they’re far less likely to dismiss it. In other words, it feels more like an invitation than a simple marketing ploy. This can mean all the difference when trying to attract those leads.

Taking advantage of direct mail is one of the best ways to revamp your marketing efforts. You won’t be met with as much negativity as other more spammy techniques, and you can ultimately impress recipients with appealing and personalized mail pieces that truly invite them to interact with your brand.

Using this outlet for your marketing efforts can be a great way to restore your campaign or improve upon one that’s already successful.