In the United States, metallic waste used to be considered a problem. But for over a decade now, recycling has become a mainstream practice, especially now that we have some companies like Metalliage producing high-quality titanium from scraps. It has now become an everyday occurrence in our society today as we often see blue bins in buildings and in street corners. Many business owners have also found the recycling business a profitable venture.  

There are some important reasons to recycle metals. Some of them include:

#1: Metal recycling helps to reduce the need for Landfills

Waste materials are usually shipped to landfill sites and they can be bulky to handle Metal recycling reduces the number of items needed to be moved to landfill sites. At this time, over 50 percent of recycled metals are used in the manufacture of useful products which are sold back to consumers. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that over 80% of the metals found in landfill sites can still be recycled.

#2: Metal recycling promotes economic growth

Some manufacturing processes use recycled metals for their on-going work projects and this helps them to save money in their overall financial budget. Also, when production practices utilize recycled metals, it creates a need to hire new employees, indirectly reducing the rate of unemployment. Consumers also get finished products at a reduced rate.

#3: Cell phones recycling help to protect the environment

There are many valuable materials used in the manufacture of cell phones. These precious materials can be conserved by recycling cell phones. More so, the environment in general including our and water would be preserved. This process also reduces the greenhouse emissions that are common during the manufacture of metal products.

#4: Metal recycling promotes efficiency

When metals are recycled, it makes them reusable. This especially holds true for aluminum waste.  This can help to convert the endless amount of waste generated by the United States each year into useful raw materials. There are many metals that can be recycled multiple times, even long into the future. They can be used effectively to promote proper waste management.

#5: Recycling metals will soon become lawful

Twenty-five states have already passed strict metal recycling laws. Seventeen states have banned the act of sending metal wastes to landfill sites. There are more laws requiring manufacturers to establish a program to recycle their metal wastes. More laws could follow suit in the near future. So it is wise to start thinking of strategies to recycle industrial metal wastes and convert them into useful raw materials over and over again.