Success in any tradeshow event will never be realized unless you can stand out from the look-alikes you share the same floor with. Most events are always laced with free giveaways as a means of attracting more people to stands, but participants seem to have gotten used to these, and giveaways no longer have the same appeal as they used to, some years back.

However, with creativity and ingenuity, it is possible to make your giveaways standout from the rest, and drive hordes of people to your booth. If you are wondering how, here are some ideas regarding how you can have entertaining giveaways that will instantly attract people to your booth:

Go Big

For most exhibitors, a typical giveaway item is just the right size to slip into one’s pocket, and once picked-up from the booth, they are immediately tossed into one’s pocket or into a bag, and are forgotten. A fun way, and a more powerful approach would be to give out something big that won’t fit the bag or the pocket, and will be more difficult to pocket. Since you are giving out items for free, people will definitely take them, but only certain products or services are likely to have a lasting impression in the memories of participants.

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Customization is key

The era of giving random giveaways as simple freebies to attract crowds to tradeshow booths, is long gone. Every giveaway you have on your stand should be highly customized to your audience, and it should also be of real value to them. This is how they will know that you truly care about them, and that you are not just interested in enticing them with trivial items.

Think about giving custom branded products or even embossing their names on the giveaways, while they are still at your booth. This is how you can make the event more memorable to participants, and make them look forward to attending your next event.

Give out what they need

Instead of trying to figure out what the perfect giveaway would be for your audience, simply find out what they would like. With the advent of social media, you can conduct a little survey amongst your followers, and get ideas on what they would really love to receive at your stands. Once you get the suggestions, choose appropriate and affordable giveaway items. In this manner, you will connect better with your target audience, and they will become increasingly loyal to your brand.