Although in the modern time, families especially women themselves are becoming more and more aware of their rights and have started living life of their choice. but there are still some aspects of life which do not allow women to go out and earn money leaving the family or loved ones alone in the home. Sometimes, decision is not imposed by family members or husbands but women themselves do not want to prefer job keeping their responsibility for the husband and children aside. If you are also one such woman then you will be glad to know that now you are able to work to earn money without compromising with your responsibility as there are many companies which are providing you work-at-home jobs. To know about the vacancy in such companies you can visit online recruitment agencies like Onlyremotejobs providing assistance in getting such jobs. Below mentioned are some jobs you can do from home:

Pet sitting – If you love to take care of the pets, spend time with them then, this job is ideal for you.  You just need to watch and take care of the dogs of the clients and get paid with considerable bucks at the end of the month.

Consultant – If you have a habit to give advice to others then you should not check this habit of yours but you should use it in earning money.  You can become beauty and skin care consultant or kitchen ware consultant.

Virtual assistant – virtual assistant is one of the perfect working at home jobs for you if you want to be a part of corporate or professional world. You just need to assist the professionals virtually by taking work with your reasonability, understanding and of course dedication.

Besides you can also become Transcriptionist or Corporate English trainer to earn money remaining in the home.