The centerpieces are a great decoration for the home. They add elegance, style, and class. As a result, selecting one always requires careful thought and research. However, purchasing the wrong centerpiece is an excusable mistake as the house is subject to improvement. Even more, you can place it on the patio or veranda, and it might just fit.

All these changes when you are planning for a one time function such a wedding, get together or homecoming. First, you have to opt for centerpiece rentals because it is a short-term event. Some mistakes may ruin this great occasion for you or your guests. Here are some factors to guide you through the planning process.

  1. Budget

Money affects nearly all our life choices. Since you understand how much you have to spend, find a dealer that will rent out their centerpieces at an affordable price. To achieve this, you need to start your research early. The desperation that comes with waiting for too long to settle on a dealer will force you to settle for less value for your hard-earned bucks.

  1. Try something new

Who said there must be a flower on a centerpiece for it to be beautiful? Try something new, something your guests will notice. Opt for captivating, magical objects such as seashells, beads, and feathers. For a colorful event, candles, lanterns, garlands, and strands of light will do. In case you are not sure if your ideas will fit the scene, seek the assistance of a centerpiece expert.

  1. Your guests

While you should choose decorations that bring out your tastes and personality, you should plan for your guest too. If you are privileged to know their personal preferences, try to blend them into your collection of centerpiece decorations. Sweet smelling flowers might be therapeutic, but they may also force allergic guests to leave early or stay outside. Seek help from a centerpiece rentals dealer when buying smelly flowers for the vases.

  1. Venue

Is the party outdoors or outdoors? Does it have a beach theme, the rustic beam of a barn or is it a formal event? The answers to these questions will significantly affect your choice of decors. Find out if there are restrictions on the items that can be used in the venue such as open flames and fragile glass vases.


Renting a centerpiece for an important event is requires diligent efforts. But you do not have to bear the burden alone, let the experts help you. So Cool Events are providers of stylish decors and furniture for events. Though based in Florida, they provide services to areas such as Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and much more. Contact them today to start planning your next special event.