Where shipping temperature-controlled sensitive items is concerned, logistics companies have to provide a special kind of freight movement system that delivers certain goods under strict thermal control.

Pallet in pallet shippers is designed to accept a full pallet load of goods allowing for a maximum capacity and used extensively by pharmaceutical businesses and life sciences sector.

Biotechnology creates products that have to be climate-controlled during the shipment process and when large volumes of goods need to be moved, the best option is the pallet in pallet shipping method.

Another option for temperature-controlled shipping is the pallet shipper method.  Pallet shippers are specially designed to move loose loads. However, the products are still very much controlled in terms of temperature throughout its journey.

Pallet shippers is a form of transport used extensively by the biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. These clients demand cost-effective methods of freight and an ability to send large volumes of goods, often across several countries and all the while maintaining its temperature throughout.

Often there is a requirement that products and goods need to be shipped within GDP guidelines. For this method, pallet covers are used. These are tested and approved by the big pharma companies so that temperature sensitive products confirm to these high standards and requirements.

The dynamic option of pallet covers is that they can be made to ship goods in a wide range of sizes, different materials and thicknesses. This shipping method is ideal for the more and varied challenging payloads.

Reusable shippers ensure the temperature of the freight is totally reliable and can be used time and time again. By using reusable shippers clients can drive down costs and improve sustainability.

Reusable shippers have an innovative design and provide features anyone can pack. This method makes it easy to prepare and unload, offering quick and easy access to the temperature-controlled products at the receiving end. This is especially important for inoculations, pharmaceuticals and viral control products that require urgent need at the destination point.

Moreover, the reusable shippers have a robust design, ensure the products are moved with integrity and patient safety is assured. This method of transportation fully complies with regulations and is widely used by big pharma as a cost-effective method of climate-controlled shipping.

Single-use parcel shipping systems are also used by those clients requiring a one-off shipment or irregular service demanding temperature-controlled freight.