After you purchase your home insurance policy, you don’t think about it anymore. If you have a mortgage, you probably even have the payments automatically deducted with your mortgage payment. You know it’s there when you need it, which will only happen if you suffer a serious loss.

So what happens when you go through a traumatic loss, such as a fire, and your insurance company offers to pay you less than you believe you’re owed? You really need the money, but your insurance company may not be willing to pay a fair amount.

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Represent Your Interests

Unfortunately, even when your agent acts like a friend, he really represents his insurance company. The goal of the company is to save money, so he may find ways to undervalue your claim. Insurance companies will often even devote substantial resources to minimizing the amount of money they owe their clients. They believe that they will save money in the long run by paying as little as possible per claim.

Most claims are paid quickly. However, homeowners insurance disputes happen more often than they should, because insurance companies put their interest before those of their customers.

What We Can Do

We know from experience how insurance companies operate. In order to evaluate your claim, we will first listen carefully to your story, and look over the documentation of your loss. Then we will do our own research, so we can provide evidence to back up your claim. Because your claim is based on your contract, we will need to examine your paperwork.

You have rights as someone who is in possession of a valid insurance policy. What is included in your policy, what is excluded, and policy limits will be spelled out in your contract. Fortunately, the insurance industry is highly regulated, so you can enforce your rights. We can even involve the state regulator in your dispute if we need to.

Fight for What Is Yours

If your insurance company is denying you fair compensation on your claim, you need someone on your side who can fight for what you need. Silver Bass & Brams has experience helping our clients with homeowners insurance disputes.

Our attorneys used to represent insurance companies, so we understand the tricks and strategies they use to try to save money at the expense of their own customers. We will start your claim for no money down, and won’t receive payment until you do. If you are not receiving the value you deserve on an insurance claim, feel free to call our office for a free consultation today.