While many people are very much not fans of arachnids and spiders, the Spider Lift is something a little bit different. While the name can put people off ever looking into what they do, their use in the construction industry – and many other industries-  means that looking beyond the off-putting name is very important.

What is a Tracked Spider Lift?

These outstanding quality pieces of hardware are used to help make sure that you can get access to a very agile, mobile and flexible piece of hardware that makes it easy for you to get what seemed an impossible job done with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Quality tracked spider lifts can make even the most challenging of jobs easier, giving you access to locations that might otherwise have not been accessible and for making sure that you can work on uneven, dangerous and unsteady ground with the absolute minimum of fuss.

From helping to work in large, narrow areas where a ladder is impossible to get enough height to working across large gaps right through to getting up to the height of an aircraft, spider lifts can give us height, mobility and accessibility in areas where we would never dare use any other kind of hardware.

For that reason, they are seen as one of the most useful solutions in the building industry. By getting rid of the challenge of balancing on everything from moving across large ledges to working on fountain statues without getting into the water, they offer a simple, versatile choice.

Spider Lifts – Worth the Cost?

One of the main issues that many companies might have about hiring a tracked spider lift is finding someone to drive it. Such an investment can be beyond many companies, but there is no reason why you need to do this. With companies such as Higher Access, you can choose to hire a self-drive solution or you can pick someone to come and drive it for you on premises who has suitable experience and understanding of how such hardware works.

And speaking of cost – you don’t need to buy one. Buying one outright would be a massive investment; and given you might not need it every day, it’s not an investment that you have to make. For that reason, you can feel comfortable working with a team who know what they are doing and who can operate the hardware on your behalf.

Unsure of what to do or how to get the top performance from using a spider lift? Then don’t bet on buying one and trying to use it yourself. Hire a specialist from Higher Access, and get the lift you need for the time that you require it for – simple!

For anyone who is looking to for tracked spider lift hire, you should look to invest in the rental and accommodation of a Spider Lift from Higher Access. From under 20m to 30m+, they have solutions for everyone!