People never take promotional products seriously, but when they are provided one, it makes them happy. If you open your closet, you will find at least one promotional item that bears a branded logo of a company. Business owners and marketers are aware that promotional products work. Why, because when you learn how they strategically harness their power to raise your revenue tenfold, you will never underestimate the power of a Concept Plus promotional products campaign.

  1. You get you give

There are many times when you run out of cash and you immediately think of ways to make up for it. And sometimes when you walk into a store and they give you a coupon, what do you do with it? Do you dispose it of or rather spend it? It is a basic human instinct to give away something. It is referred to as the principle of reciprocity. It means that when you give, nothing is lost. You give and they receive, and then they give and others receive. This is built on the concept of trade, aid, and offerings. Our brains have been trained to when you get something, you should also give away something.

  1. Promotional products satisfy the concept of reciprocity

Whenever you show up at a networking event and you give a water bottle that bears your company logo to a person to make an impression in their mind. This impression will lead you to determine if the person will buy your product or not. But, you just cannot give away anything. In this social media era, customers expect free stuff every time you select promotional product that will mirror the reciprocity response. These products must bear the following natures:

  1. Useful
  2. Attractive
  3. Enjoyable
  4. Relevant

Reciprocity tend to work in two ways: on the recipient of the gift as well as the person who uses it and shares with their network. For the former, they receive a functional promotional product that persuades them to convert in order to purchase something. And for the one who uses the gift, the more relevant the product is to them, the more are the chances of gaining potential customers.

You need to understand that promotional products aren’t just about distributing, it also tends to influence their network significantly. These products help in encouraging word of mouth marketing which is a miraculous social life you need to reach the top in the conversions.